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“Dentists tell kids every day that eating candy can give them cavities while M.Ds explain to their patients just as often that eating too many sweets can make them sick and fat.

While we’d normally agree with both of these warnings, Loloz–a hard candy start-up company–is changing everything we thought we knew about catching a sugar high...”

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KATU’s Stumptown Startups: Using candy to fight cavities
Moda Health banks on an inventive way to lick cavities - Portland Business Journal

“A Moda Health subsidiary is marketing a candy-like product it hopes will make a major dent in dental problems.

Loloz are sugar free, cavity-fighting lozenges and lollipops. The magic ingredient is a type of extract from a specific kind of licorice root...”

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New Candy Claims It Actually Prevents Cavities (Your Inner Child Can Thank Us Later) – Food & Wine

“To your inner child, this story probably sounds too good to be true: There is a candy that actually prevents cavities. But a Portland, Oregon, start-up says their new line of hard candies is the real deal.”

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This Gloriously Ironic Candy Actually Prevents Cavities – Munchies

“...Lo and behold, the wonders of science may have a solution to your inability to quit sugar but fear of high dental bills. Behold the advent of Loloz, a new candy brand that claims to implement Cavibloc technology that minimizes or even reverses the negative dental effects that candy is known to have....”

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Can a Lollipop Fight Cavities? – MomStart

I can’t answer the question can a lollipop fight cavities. Only your dentist can answer that question but the idea does intrigue me.
Also, I like the idea because my kids love to have candy and I LOVE to tell them no because it’s bad for their teeth. Sugar leads to sugar bugs that cause cavities and then we have to brush our teeth and we agrue. 

So now we brush teeth and then the kids can have a lollipop without having to brush right away.

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